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Lonely Old Road - Signed CD

Lonely Old Road - Signed CD

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A Limited edition, signed CD of Tj's debut album, Lonely Old Road.  When these are gone, this edition will be gone!  Get your copy today.  

Track Listing 

  1. Small Town Prison

  2. A Month and a Day

  3. On the Corner of Drunk and Lonesome

  4. You and Me Versus the World

  5. Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On

  6. Dog’s Life

  7. I Ain’t Lookin Back

  8. Nowhere But Forward to Fall (Album Version)

  9. Lonely Old Road

  10. She Thinks I Still Care




Produced by Kevin S. Hahn

Recorded at Cross J Studios Chinook MT. 

Additional recording at Opal Studios Portland, OR

Copyright 2021 Tj Overcast / Cross J Records




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